Body Therapy Services

Cleveland Wellness Center | Therapeutic Touch
In addition to massage therapy, our wellness center provides several additional services for the body. Therapeutic Touch has been providing relaxation and therapy to the people of Cleveland, OH. for nearly 20 years.

Synergy for the Body - 15 minutes for $30.00

Synergy for the Body is the ultimate treatment for cellulite reduction. Using subdermal tissue massage techniques, this therapeutic massage stretches, stimulates and applies pressure to the subcutaneous tissue of problem areas. Synergy for the Body is recommended in an 8 to 16 treatment series of sessions for optimal results. Ask about our 10 minute trial of this procedure, which we offer to clients for free.

Body Exfoliation Treatment – 1 hour session – $65

With the Body Exfoliation Treatment, our therapists provide a cleansing sea salt scrub to exfoliate the skin of the body. The sea salt procedure is followed with a moisturizing rub of oils of lavender, rosewood and geranium. This procedure energizes and rejuvenates the skin.

Hydrotherapy Tub – 15 minute session – $10

Available before or after massages, the Hydrotherapy Tub will relax and detoxify the muscles.

Therapeutic Touch serves the greater Cleveland, OH. area.